Baltasar Thomas


HD video, 2’47, 2014

Go somewhere, anywhere, and observe.

I recorded children playing in a playground. A wide shot of a residential exterior. The shot, and consequently how I manipulated it’s textures and selected which moments to highlight in the edit, serves as a demonstration of two beliefs that have become paramount in my understanding of images:

  1. a single image contains many different possible narratives and concepts.
  2. these narratives and concepts can support one another or be entirely conflicting, depending on the context (among an endless amount of factors, foremostly: the social and cultural background of the viewer and the presentation of the final image/artwork).

An image of a children’s playground can become a symbol (Peirce / Semiotics) of the uninhibited life-experience only children have access to, or it can become a symbol of the violence inherent in human nature. It can be a symbol of anything, really. The main point being: meaning is fickle, unsteady – likely to morph by the merest suggestion of a new form.