Baltasar Thomas

  • A long walk in the desert

    It’s been years since I made this. I still dig it. A lot of sampling – my own voice, bits and pieces of existing music, synthesizers. When I listen to this song I imagine a lone cowboy in a Mexican desert, slowly shuffling along on his faithful horse, on the lookout for water and perhaps, a kind soul.

    I don’t quite remember why I titled the song ‘Stop Giving A Fuck’. I think it had something to do with the fact that at the time, 7 years back, I was worrying quite a lot. Worrying about school, whether I was walking the path I should be walking, worrying about life altering choices I had made. I think that in this regard, I’ve grown quite a lot since then. I’ve come to accept change, good and bad, as a fundamental part of life. And I’ve come to welcome change and not look back all too much, as more often than not, things evolve in certain directions without our thoughtful consent, many things are not within our control.