Baltasar Thomas



Below you will find a list of the main components of my Aaton LTR S16 filmcamera package.

I choose not to list my digital camera equipment because most often it makes sense to rent the digital package that is the current best option for a particular project.

Aaton LTR S16 Film Package

The Aaton LTRs and XTRs are legendary analog 16mm film cameras. In terms of functionality, they are comparable to the Arri SR series. This camera is ideally designed for shooting from the shoulder, earning it the nickname ‘The Cat On The Shoulder’.

This Aaton LTR has had an S16 conversion, which means that you can shoot both in 1.33 (4:3) aspect ratio and 1.66 (similar to 16:9) aspect ratio. Anamorphic shooting for 2.39 aspect ratio is also an option, using an M42 adapter, M42 prime lenses and a Kowa Bell & Howell 2X anamorphic block.

The Aaton is available for rent with myself included as a technician, camera assistant, clapper/loader, camera operator or director of photography. Don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail and discuss options. If you’re as excited about shooting on film as I am, chances are we’ll hit it off right away ;).

In addition, I can advise on the purchase of film stock and the options you have with regards to post-production.


  • Aaton LTR S16 filmcamera (Aaton mount*)
  • Angenieux 9.5-57mm Zoomlens
  • Angenieux 12-120mm Zoomlens
  • Vocas Mattebox MB-255 (3×3, 4×4)
  • ND 0.3 /0.6 /0.9
  • 85 Filter
  • Wooden Triggergrip (Right)
  • Wooden Grip (Left)
  • 2 x Aaton Accu
  • Aaton Battery Charger
  • 2 x Aaton LTR 400 ft / 122m Magazine
  • Soft Blimp
  • Sekonic L-758 Cine Light Meter

* The camera is currently fitted with the original Aaton mount. It will soon be fitted with a PL mount.


  • Kinoptik Tegea 5.7mm Wide-Angle Primelens
  • Takumar Primes
  • M42 adapter
  • Kowa Bell & Howell 2X Anamorphic block