Baltasar Thomas


Artist Statement

Baltasar Thomas was born on the 20th of February 1991 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He studied Media and Culture and Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and Film and Media-Art at the KASK School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium.

During his student years he worked part-time as a board-member, projectionist and graphic designer at art-house cinema V.O.S.S. Kriterion and as a projectionist at Sphinx Cinema and Art Cinema OFFoff vzw.

Thomas is predominantly focused on the moving image but his work shows a wide interest in other media such as photography, performance and installation.

His work is founded on a search for alternative experiences of time through the cinematic image. This has resulted in, among other projects, a silent film discussing archive and representation through found footage and textual contemplation (Surface, 2017), a diary film that reflects on ‘being absent of oneself’ by dwelling in fictitious renderings of past and future (El Ausente, 2016) and a single-screen installation that reflects on the ability of photographic material to shape, alter and form memory (Latent Memory, 2016).

Additionally, Thomas works as a cinematographer, video-editor and sound-designer, specializing in contemporary dance and performance. Among the organisations he has worked for are Ultima Vez, Hiatus, Needcompany and Dag van de Dans.

Thomas’ films have been screened at festivals and he has exhibited video-installations and photography.