Baltasar Thomas





2018: Masterclass Adri Schrover: Camera, Amsterdam Film School
2015-2018: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Media-art), School of Arts Ghent
2016: Workshop François Zajéga: Blender
2016: Workshop WIDT: Vocal & Video Feedback
2016: Workshop Floris Vanhoof: Loops
2016: Workshop Atelier Graphoui and Auguste Orts: a film…and what next?
2016: Workshop LABO BXL: Shooting, Developing and Editing 16mm Film
2016: Workshop Els Viaene: Sound Recording
2014-2015: Bachelor of Audiovisual Arts (Film), School of Arts Ghent
2010-2013: Bachelor of Arts in Media and Culture, Minor in Philosophy (metaphysics), University of Amsterdam

‘Every Now And Then’ at GAST, 05/08/2017, Antwerp
‘Self-Accusation’ at Zwarte Zaal, 28/04/2017, Antwerp
‘Self-Accusation’ at Miry Concertzaal, 25/04/2017, Ghent
‘#2: I could have been a dancer’ at De Donkere Materie, 09/09/2016-11/09/2016, Amsterdam
‘#2: I could have been a dancer’ at ARTISJ., 08/05/2016, Antwerp
‘#2: I could have been a dancer’ at KASK meets Luca, 20/04/2016, Art Cinema OFFoff, Ghent
‘#2: I could have been a dancer’ (short) at Bewegend Beeld, 18/03/2016, Antwerp
‘#1: cluster’ (short) at De Kotroute, 25/11/2015, Ghent
‘these streets’ (short) at Bewegend Beeld, 23/04/2015, Brussels

Bachelor Graduation Group Exhibition at KASK Filmstudio, 16/06/2017, Ghent
Group Exhibition ‘KOPKLANKEN’ at KASK Bijloke, 04/03/2017, Ghent
Group Exhibition ‘SCRPR #1’ at KASK Mediakunst, 17/11/2016, Ghent
Group Exhibition ‘It’s a Family Affair’ at Galerie De Stoker, 13/02/2016-16/03/2016, Amsterdam

Commissioned Works
2018: Trailer for ‘Third Space’, a dance / music piece directed by Daniel Linehan. Commissioned by Hiatus.
2018: Teaser for ‘Concert by a Band Facing the Wrong Way’. Commissioned by Needcompany.
2018: Trailer and Music for ‘Dag van de Dans’. Commissioned by Dag van de Dans.
2018: Trailer for ‘MOIRA’, physical music theatre, directed by Sjoerd Vreugdenhil. Commissioned by Headliner.
2017: Teaser and Trailer for ‘STO(C)K, a dance piece by Pierik l’Istelle and Sjaan Flikweert. Commissioned by OnGoing.
2017: Short film for ‘MIRRORS’, collaborations between visual artists and composers. Commissioned by The New What Now.
2016: Teaser for ‘The Remaining Act’, a performance piece by David van Dijcke. Commissioned by David van Dijcke.
2016: Teaser for ‘YOU ARE BORN’, a dance piece by Pierik l’Istelle. Commissioned by OnGoing.
2015: Teaser and Photography for ‘Tornar’, a dance piece by Seppe Baeyens. Commissioned by Ultima Vez.

Related Occupations and Activity

2018-present: Content Creator at Budgetcam Camera Rental Service
2018: Assistant image-collection for ‘SLEEPCINEMAHOTEL’, a project by Apichatpong Weerasethakul for IFFR
2017-2018: Senior Supply-management at Budgetcam Camera Rental Service
2016-2017: Film-projectionist at Sphinx Cinema
2016-2017: Volunteer at Art Cinema OFFoff (film-projection)
2013-2014: Board-member (chairman) at Filmtheater Kriterion
2013-2014: Graphic Designer at GRAVIEZEBENDE
2012-2014: Film-projectionist at Filmtheater Kriterion
2013: Graphic Designer at Brandstof
2012-2013: Coordinator Graphic Design at Filmtheater Kriterion