Baltasar Thomas


Commissioned Works

Third Space
trailer (camerawork and editing)

Working in close collaboration, composer Stefan Prins and choreographer Daniel Linehan create a hybrid music-dance performance concerned with the themes and paradoxes contained in the idea of “private matters”. What becomes of the value of privacy in a world of increasing surveillance and increasing public oversharing on social media platforms? And what becomes of our participation in public life, as it starts to include more virtual connections, so that geographic proximity plays an ever smaller role in our idea of a community? What is the meaning of intimacy in this constellation? Is the world really becoming more transparent, or isn’t there always something private/hidden/internal that can’t be fully exposed to the public’s eyes and ears? Third Space triggers these questions.

Commissioned by Hiatus.


Concert by a Band Facing the Wrong Way
trailer (editing)

Concert by a Band Facing the Wrong Way’ is a portrait of a group of Western artists who run endlessly onward. It is unclear whether they are fleeing from all the misery in the world that is not theirs, or racing towards it. This performance is a pressure cooker bursting with boundless effort, which leads to an exuberant optimism that has lost all sense of direction. The ‘Band Facing the Wrong Way’ consists of Maarten Seghers and Rombout Willems as guitarists and singers and Nicolas Field on drums.

Commissioned by Needcompany.


Dag van de Dans
trailer (editing and music)

Trailer for ‘Dag van de Dans’, a celebration of dance all over Flanders and Brussels. On the third edition on Saturday April 28th 2018 young and old can enjoy shows, workshops, open rehearsals, film screenings, dance battles and the like in venues large and small as well as out in the open air.

Commissioned by Dag van de Dans.


trailer (camerawork and editing)

Trailer for ‘MOIRA’, a collaboration between Headliner and Teddy’s Last Ride, directed by Sjoerd Vreugdenhil.

Commissioned by Headliner.


trailer (camerawork and editing)

Trailer for ‘STO(C)K’, a dance piece by Dansen Voor Moederziel Alleen.

Commissioned by OnGoing.


teaser (camerawork and editing)

Teaser for ‘STO(C)K’, a dance piece by Dansen Voor Moederziel Alleen.

Commissioned by OnGoing.


short film (camerawork and editing)

Collaboration between music composer Jonathan Bonny and Baltasar Thomas for the production ‘Mirrors’.

Commissioned by The New What Now.

Jonathan Bonny and I worked closely on this project. The film was shot and edited for the musical piece
‘Self-Accusation’ which he made for ‘Mirrors’, a The New What Now production. The performing musicians were:
Mathias Coppens (piano), Tom Johnson (violin), Lieselot Watté (cello), Sofie Verbeeck (flute) and
Sven Van De Voorde (clarinet).

Learn more about the event here (Dutch).


The Remaining Act
teaser (camerawork and editing)

Teaser for ‘The Remaining Act’, a performance piece by David van Dijcke.

Commissioned by David van Dijcke.

After creating Outwards (Exploration #1), a piece that took measure of the implications of virtuality in
technologically mediated performance, David Van Dijcke, in collaboration with musician Benjamin Cools
and three talented performers, turns the tables around and fathoms the position of the hardware that is
eclipsed when the lights turn on.

Learn more about the piece here.


trailer (camerawork and editing)

Trailer for ‘You Are Born’, a dance piece by Pierik l’Istelle.

Commissioned by OnGoing.

mensen zullen zijn wie mensen zijn
we zullen alleen niet los van de ander geraken
ook als we dat willen zijn

moederaarde heeft je geworpen
“hier, een lichaam en een hartritme.”
en toen was je geboren

onbeholpen zullen we blijven

excerpt from a poem (dutch) written for the performance by Sjaan Flikweert.

Learn more about the piece here.


teaser (camerawork and editing) and photography

A teaser trailer for the dance piece ‘Tornar’ by Seppe Baeyens.

Commissioned by Ultima Vez.

Under the wing of Ultima Vez and Wim Vandekeybus, Seppe Baeyens is now creating his first large-scale
dance production. It is called Tornar and tells the story of people left after the passage of a tornado who are
trying to rebuild a community. The movement of the devastating tornado is a metaphor for the crumbling
solidarity between generations.

More information and play dates here.