Baltasar Thomas



photograph of cinematographer baltasar thomas at work on a filmset

My name is Baltasar Thomas. I was born on the 20th of February 1991 in Amsterdam where I continue to live and work.


I am an artist and a cinematographer. My own projects occupy a place in the vast space between narrative film and the visual arts. In these films and installations, I often mix elements of fiction and documentary film. I believe all good narration utilizes a tension between these two concepts (fiction and reality), which serves to reflect the ambiguity in life. 


As a cinematographer and camera operator, I work with both analog and digital capturing formats. Personally, I prefer to work with analog film. The tools involved demand that I prepare thoroughly, think critically about what images I need to capture and work with the utmost concentration.


Each project however, demands a different approach and in that sense, guides the people involved toward the capturing format that suits it best. As an owner/operator of both analog and digital cameras I am able to take on a wide range of projects.