Baltasar Thomas



Baltasar Thomas was born on the 20th of February 1991 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He first developed an interest in visual art and media in his early teens when he taught himself how to use photoshop to manipulate his own photographs and found images.

From 2010 to 2013, Thomas studied Media and Culture and Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, majoring in Film Studies. During that period, he was a member and board-member of V.O.S.S. Kriterion, an art-house cinema run by students. There, his responsibilities included coordinating the technical department, coordinating the graphic design department and designing posters and flyers, organizing events and handling a variety of directorial tasks as a board-member and chairman.

In 2014 Thomas moved to Ghent, Belgium to study at the KASK School of Arts. He initially studied Film and later changed to the Media-Arts department to study film as a medium and research its relation to other media such as photography, installation and performance.

In November 2014, he was commissioned by dance company Ultima Vez to make a teaser trailer for ‘Tornar’. During this project, he developed an interest in finding the balance between spectatorship and participation. He framed his subjects accordingly: letting the camera and himself at one point remain passive voyeurs and the next become active performers. He would later recycle images shot for this teaser in the short autobiographical film ‘I Could Have Been A Dancer’, where he further extended the idea of the ‘camera as performer’ to his approach in editing the film.

In January 2016 Thomas started working as a volunteer for Art Cinema OFFoff. It was there that he learned to appreciate early avant-garde cinema and was taught how to project and edit 16mm film. Later that year, he participated in a workshop by Labo BxL, where he learned how to operate a 16mm camera and process film manually. In 2017 he became a member of the laboratory.

Thomas is predominantly focused on the moving image but his work is testimony to an interest in a wide range of other media. Alongside his audiovisual work, he makes electronic music with a similar approach: using audio recordings, samples, synthesizers and drum-machines. His films have been screened at several venues and festivals and he has exhibited video-installations and photography.