Baltasar Thomas

Hello visitor,

My name is Baltasar Thomas. I’m an artist. I’m interested in a wide variety of topics and I like to work with a lot of different artistic media, most commonly film, photography, installation, music and writing. 

This website is a personal archive for anything related to my artistic activity. You’ll find information on exhibitions and screenings, finished works as well as works in progress and thoughts on art and life. 

I’ve often tried to summarize the conceptual foundations of what I do, but these texts always feel lacking in some way. For now, I’d like to keep it at this: “Through creative acts I hope to somehow reveal something about the human condition. It is a search for universal, timeless truths through the expression of personal experience”. 

I frequently collaborate with other artists and organizations who hire me to do cinematography, photography and post-production work (editing and color correction). If this peaks your interest, I invite you to go over to This Era, where I showcase those projects exclusively.

Lastly, if you’d like to view a chronological list of my artistic activities, you can download my artist resume here

どうぞお元気で / Ta ta,